Thursday, November 12, 2015

Our Ecosystem comes to a Close

This is Desiree's interpretation of our last day with the terrarium. 

The top of our ecosystem is very moist after adding water to its desert like qualities, i.e. drought. The mold doesn't seem to be growing like it has life, but seems to stay the same in furriness and in grayish size.  Though there is condensation that implies that it rains inside, but when it rains it hails, however, it is a terrarium so it won't's just an expression. Take it to imply that we are breeding death, for still no little green life has arrived.

The water is still pretty clear and allows for keen eyes to see the salt and pepper mold (we have determined that it is mold, because nothing has hatched and we are left with disappointment) has spread like the plaque on the surface of the water and spreading to the elodea. The so called salt and pepper eggs that we have determined are mold are clustered around the string in a mob like formation. Our elodea last week seemed to foreshadow its fall of the fragile staircase, because upon inspection the length of the elodea has detached itself from the roots dooming the plant to a slow and painful death of starvation for it is now unable to get nutrients from its roots.

Water level is 3.8 inches.

Our glimmer of hope and life in our terrarium has been our snails throughout our observations. The three older and larger ones seem to continue to move and climb, but other than that they are snails and aren't up to much in their day to day lives. Just a sparkle that we didn't kill everything. The babies can be seen in the pebbles and they don't seem ready to leave the nest of the purple shelter...for maybe they are doomed to death if they leave.

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