Thursday, November 5, 2015

Observation 5

I come as the bearer of bad news. We have found our elusive crustaceans...they are dead. Two of their bodies flowing peacefully in the water with the rotation of the bottle. Hopefully the afterlife is kinder to our crustaceans than the ruthlessness of our terrarium, for it has been unforgiving. On lighter news, the snails are on different parts of the elodea reaching close to the surface of the water. They seem to be growing in size and moving as actively as a snail can throughout the bottom. Their babies, that were conceived during the first week, seem to be slowly growing and un-burrowing from the depths of the purple peebles. The twisted stairway of the elodea are the snails only chance to rise, but it too seems destined to fail. For near the base the elodea it is turning brownish, black and the leaves are slowly falling off, drifting through the water. Also the top of the elodea that is outside the water is also brown and dying...and on news of more death the leaves all around the spiral staircase are turning brown on the tips.

The water level is slowly declining and standing at a current level of 3.7 inches.

We are hopeful that we will have green thumbs and will see life in the top half of our terrarium. For we have contemplated the idea and decided to add 100ml of water in an effort to see life. The soil looks moist and the seeds now have a sliver of a chance for new life. Though technically our 4 spots of fuzzy, gray mold are life they are a constant reminder to the death that has occurred  to our original plants on the top half of our terrarium.

Here are the pictures of the catastrophe, the death and a bit of our hope as we continue our efforts for life within our terrarium.  

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