Thursday, October 29, 2015

Observation 4

Snails were discovered sunbathing on top of elodea near the surface of the water.  They seem to be growing in size and the mold we thought on top of the water seem to be more like eggs. They are white and black and clustering around the strings on the surface of the water. The salt and pepper eggs add a new element of excitement to our ecosystem, because with death there is new life. Or could the salt and pepper eggs be dirt? Or are they eggs like we think...only time can tell. The baby snails from the first observation are now burrowed deep in the purple rocks. The water clarity it still pretty clear and the elodea continues to grow and wrap around. The crustacean is missing once again and we are on high alert to find him, but we believe he is hiding in the elodea or the rocks. We are keeping our eyes peeled and so should you for the elusive crustacean.

The water level remains at 4 inches.

In the top half in the soil environment...still only life is the 5 clusters of fuzzy white mold. With little to no condensation on the top half of the ecosystem and the soil is as dry as the desert. Now we continue to wait to see if the radish and flowers will grow; the warmth and sunlight is our only hope for green life on top.

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