Thursday, October 22, 2015

3rd Observation

Water level is at 3.7 inches tall.

Once again our crustaceans are missing and our baby snails have burrowed into the purple pebbles. The larger snails are spaced throughout seemingly blending into their environment. The elodea has grown two more roots that have start to grow down along the bottom of the liter into the pebbles (This roots start around the middle of the plant and not the base...odd). It is also in the process of completing its second rotation. There are white little circles that are on top of the water and sides of the bottle, we are unsure of what these circles are, but the best guess is that now we have mold on the bottom too. seems we don't exactly have green thumbs, but gray thumbs (Is that a thing? It is now).

The mold has continued to grow and is larger this week than last. The four spots are still gray/white and fuzzy.  The mulch looks dry, but condensation is around half of the two liter.

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