Thursday, October 15, 2015

Observation Two:

Our previously budding plants have now died. Mold has appeared in four different spots.

Our snails are still apparent. However, only two baby snails are visible. The other snails seem to look bigger in size. There are now roots coming off the Elodea, they appear to be attempting to plant themselves within the pebbles. Also, the Elodea appears to have gotten longer, it has started to spiral within the water. The water definitely looks less clear. Our water has dropped to 3.8 inches, which is .2 less than our observation last week. We have found one fish swimming in our water ecosystem! Maybe the other fish are hiding within the pebbles and we just cannot see them right now. There is also not much condensation as last time.

Some pictures of our 2-tier terrarium:

Growing Elodea!

Budding plants replaced by mold :/

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